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As executives, you’re confronted with uncertainty in a world of rapidly changing customers, aggressive digital disruption, and a staggering pace of healthcare evolution. In this sea of change, our seasoned team of consultants stands ready to help you act faster and execute better in order to take advantage of business opportunities. Underpinned by proprietary measurement tools and deep pharmaceutical experience, DT consultants have the power to inform your strategy, optimize your operating model, and inform your technology decisions. We can help you to accelerate key transformation within the life sciences enterprise through technology. Harness the full power of DT Consulting’s capabilities and gain a competitive edge that improves customer experiences for patients, physicians, and payers; boosts top-line sales growth; and lowers the cost of execution.

Digital Transformation

Execute on Digital Transformation Strategies

Reinvent Your Core Medicine Business

Digital is part of the medicine ecosystem—a vision that digital transformation is to enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery by making medicines more personalized and precise. Many firms believe that simply modernizing their current organization by lowering costs and increasing efficiency suffices as “digital transformation”— but they will be eaten alive by digital natives and transformed traditional players that are setting the pace of change. We can help you identify your digital maturity and preferred future state and put a transformation strategy in motion which recognizes that your end goal isn’t about digital capabilities per se—it’s about clinical, medical and commercial teams working in new ways that align with what your digital savvy patients, physicians and payers really want.

Succeed With A New Commercial Model

In a market where margin pressure rules and new market entrants offering products including biosimilars threaten exclusivity, pharmaceutical firms must rethink their commercial model and make their multichannel sales and marketing operations more efficient. DT Consulting helps commercial leaders create an actionable strategy to transform their commercial model by improving planning, coordination, and resource optimization in a way that ensures that sales, marketing, and customer excellence all contribute significantly to profit. We help you to rethink how data is captured, stored and consumed to generate insights and answer questions near real-time that will enable teams to engineer better CX by aligning multichannel capabilities with roles and matching objectives with business priorities.

Reimagine Pharmaceutical Marketing

To scale their marketing and content capabilities, most pharmaceutical firms have turned to centralized marketing services. But today’s marketing challenge is to deliver individualization at scale; firms need to transform their superior knowledge about customers into the ability to consistently deliver trust, relevance, and simplicity in their physician engagements.  DT Consulting’s strategic advisory capabilities in digital and content factories can help you design a world-class customer engagement service model that captures the attention of patients, physicians, and payers—delivering better individualized experiences by reimagining content technology and their relationships to enterprise data.

Improve Your Capability Implementation

Along the entire path from research and development through commercial operations, pharmaceutical executives dedicate significant time and financial resources to digital transformation efforts in the form of justifying the transformation, creating a guiding vision, and selecting digital capabilities. However, this leaves little room for error during implementation and scale-up. This phase is where DT Consulting’s seasoned consultants can help you eliminate typical roadblocks around getting leadership buy-in, building skills, and creating clear governance structures, measurement frameworks, organizational alignment, and IT infrastructure.

Secure Change and Protect Success

Large-scale organizational change has always been difficult, and there’s no shortage of examples showing that most transformations still fail. This is a huge risk in a world where technology changes quickly, but organizations don’t. If you leave the organization as is, many employees will lag behind and find themselves on the wrong side of a widening tech maturity gap. Thankfully, our consultants can help you implement a comprehensive change management program to revamp outdated medical and marketing organizational structures and operating models to meet modern challenges. We can help you bridge the organizational and technology gaps so you can educate employees, empower them for daily success, and deliver better customer experiences.

Empower Data To Make Better Decisions

Having data is powerful, but all too often business leaders still lack the insights they need to help them make the high-impact decisions needed to tackle business problems in pharma, where patients, physicians, and payers are disrupting traditional models. This has to change. Our consultants guide pharmaceutical leaders in finding the best way to use modern capabilities like advanced analytics and AI to transform their data strategy and drive growth in an unforgiving market along the entire path from clinical trials, forecasting, pricing, and resource optimization to customer experience improvements. Winning requires insights and conviction that eclipse your previous understanding. In practical terms: you must start to set your data strategy right—today.
Customer Experience

Lead in Patient, Physician and Payer Customer Experience

Discover The Value Of CX

It’s often said that you cannot manage what you cannot measure. Your firm’s financial growth engine is powered by consistent, innovative customer experiences for patients, physicians, and payers—and therefore your ability to measure those experiences is crucial.  Too many firms have been unable to use CX to create success due to an inability to affect core operations, identify the touchpoints that truly matter, or design changes that drive differentiation. Our consultants employ CXQ® insights, industry best practices, and proprietary diagnostic methodologies to predict the greatest return and help you move from strategic CX promise to tangible and measurable impact.

Medical Affairs In a CX World

Every winning customer engagement strategy puts the customer at the center. It’s no different for medical affairs, which is well-positioned to drive the patient CX agenda in today’s healthcare environment. Bridging the gap between R&D and commercial operations will put your medical affairs team in prime position to address internal silos that fracture customer journeys and frustrate patients, physicians, and payers alike. Our consultants can help your medical affairs team apply our Patient CXQ® program and deliver excellent customer experiences. Unique patient insights must be the cornerstone of every medical affairs strategy, from channel to content to measurement; we can help you apply the lessons we’ve learned to transform your medical affairs function into an engine that will thrive in a disruptive, customer-led healthcare market.

Achieve Global To Local Execution

The journey from channel-based marketing to marketing that’s truly customer-centric can be difficult and frustrating. Fundamental changes in the healthcare market are having a huge impact on the way that global, regional, and local teams embed new ways of working. Your efforts to accelerate progress and mobilize teams to adopt a modern approach to customer engagement will benefit from hands-on support from experts who have “been there, done that” in the pharma industry and beyond. Our consultants, are armed with thousands of CXQ® data points, and will deliver immediate value by translating your global strategy into local execution plans. Using interactive offsite workshops, virtual group meetings, and customized one-on-one sessions, DT Consulting will help you achieve execution excellence in key markets and delight patients, physicians, and payers with better customer experiences.

Turn CX Into an Enterprise Capability

As more pharmaceutical firms embrace a CX mindset as a way to spur growth, it’s common to find inconsistencies in brand teams’ skill sets and knowledge around delivering excellent customer experiences to patients, physicians, and payers. To achieve sustainable growth, teams must continuously improve their working knowledge of key areas of CX such as research, measurement, and journey mapping. Our consultants can help you design a bespoke cross-functional CX training program that improves the CX foundations of clinical, medical, and commercial teams and enables world-class, orchestrated, end-to-end customer engagement. Our global CXQ® program’s analysis of more than 30,000 pharmaceutical interactions with patients, physicians and payers puts us in a unique position to build a powerful data-driven training program that truly drives customer centricity. As part of Indegene, we can deliver enterprise-wide CX training programs for pharmaceutical firms.


Improve Impact With Co-Commercialization

The Co-Commercialization Opportunity

Co-commercialization is a partnership where we own and deliver the entire commercial and medical operation, working with a partner for product distribution and sampling. This only requires periodic oversight with the product sponsor based on a KPI framework, dashboards, and reports. While identifying the right brands and markets for a co-commercialization business case can seem daunting, our consultants can help you estimate the impact of having us assume complete commercial responsibility for your assets. Our co-commercialization solutions come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are tailored to the outcome of an extensive brand-level market assessment. To project the financial impact and determine the co-commercialization model that’s right for you, we identify the commercial headroom, define the right brand expansion strategy, and model the marketing mix. Co-commercialization engagements are not limited to digital and remote interaction; they can integrate your field force as the orchestrator.

Leading Customer-Centric Engagement

Applying the unique combination of DT’s rich CXQ® database and proven customer engagement frameworks, our consultants work with you to design and implement a brand plan that will lead to tangible revenue contribution. These plans create and amplify brand experiences that forge deeper connections with your target audiences to drive growth and retention during the execution phase by Indegene. At the Co-Commercialization Service Hub, we create audience-centric messaging and content that enable outstanding experiences through the right channels at the right time. We use cutting-edge analytics and innovative dashboards to monitor and track progress along with you. This feedback loop will help you understand and optimize your current engagements; better anticipate the needs of your patients, physicians, and payers; and envision future changes to create a blueprint for subsequent areas of growth.

Co-Commercializing In A Post Sales Force Era

The pace of change is staggering, and your competition is moving faster than ever. The pharmaceutical market is undergoing an unprecedented reshaping to become an environment where technology has a profound impact on commercial operations. To win (or just survive) in the face of tomorrow’s business challenges, you need to revamp large, siloed, and sometimes outdated capabilities—a legacy of the sales force era. Partner with our consultants to maximize customer engagement, increase revenue for mature products, and build an efficient, effective sales and marketing engine for new product launches through Indegene’s globally recognized strength in large offshore and technology implementation capabilities. You have the opportunity to exploit new go-to-market capabilities, operate integrated campaigns across connected platforms, and eliminate the constraints of legacy processes or soon-to-be-available analytics to execute faster and more cost-efficiently at scale across multiple markets. Today, as one global team with Indegene, we manage more than 30 brands, throughout the commercialization life cycle.

Our Consulting Team

DT Consulting advisory capabilities are growing rapidly, building upon our unique track record in the pharmaceutical industry. Our focus on digital and customer experience transformation has made DT Consulting the trusted advisor of many Tier-1 life sciences firms in the US, Europe, and Asia. We have assembled a global team of high-profile consultants selected for their first-hand knowledge and deep experience in strategy and execution gained outside and inside the pharmaceutical industry at firms like Forrester, Gartner, Accenture, Deloitte, Merrill Lynch, Novartis, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Takeda, Merck & Co and GlaxoSmithKline.

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