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We help life sciences companies lead their large-scale digital transformation efforts for continued customer experience success.

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Prime Your Large-Scale Digital Transformation Efforts For Customer Experience Success

As executives, you’re confronted with uncertainty in a world of rapidly changing customers, aggressive digital disruption, and a staggering pace of healthcare evolution. In this sea of change, our seasoned team of consultants stands ready to help you act faster and execute better in order to take advantage of business opportunities. Underpinned by proprietary measurement tools and deep pharmaceutical experience, DT consultants have the power to inform your strategy, optimize your operating model, and inform your technology decisions. We can help you to accelerate key transformation within the life sciences enterprise through technology. Harness the full power of DT Consulting’s capabilities and gain a competitive edge that improves customer experiences for patients, physicians, and payers; boosts top-line sales growth; and lowers the cost of execution.

Digital Transformation Efforts For Customer Experience Success
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Medical affairs (MA) organizations increasingly define the experiences healthcare professionals (HCPs) have with pharmaceutical firms. With the rise of digital technologies, MA teams have to change how they think about and execute medical education, seek scientific advice, and engage with communities to discuss scientific advances and medical progress. Experiences will remain personal, relevant, and trustworthy, but pharma firms must understand where and how they interact with HCPs and interpret it from a multichannel perspective—a one-size-fits-all approach to designing interactions and journeys won’t cut it. To deliver seamless experiences that match the preferences of pharma’s scientific stakeholders, MA teams need technical capabilities, a strong vision and plan, key organizational building blocks, and sensitivity to organizational change dynamics in their pursuit of digital maturity.
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We help life sciences companies lead their large-scale digital transformation efforts for continued customer experience success.

DT Consulting brings deep industry expertise and focus you expect from a strategic consultancy and combines it with Indegene’s recognized strength in building, scaling, and managing digital-first operations for the life sciences industry. With 4,500 employees, 14 offices, and operations in 10 countries, we can support your organization from strategy to execution throughout the digital transformation life cycle. Working together as a single unified global team enables us to get at the real issues, make practical recommendations, and deliver tangible results.

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Operations evaluated to discover digital opportunities, identify gaps between current capabilities and those of industry digital leaders
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Patients, physicians and payer interactions analyzed and benchmarked using our proprietary CXQ® impact methodology
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Digital touchpoints reviewed across key therapy areas, which means that we know what excellent customer experience means
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Brands under management throughout the commercialization life cycle, from strategy to execution as one global team
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We’ve been digital transformation leaders in the life sciences ourselves—so we understand the practical effect our advice has on your day-to-day activities. Our experience and focus enable us to offer you simplicity; our solutions make it easier for you to manage complexity. You get access to experts who understand your business and have tackled similar challenges.


Our rigorous research process and proprietary consulting methodologies ensure that you get objective information from an independent source. As part of Indegene, we also have the resources to handle long-term, multisite projects with multiple workstreams. You get the best of both worlds: the agility and personal attention of a specialist firm backed by the resources and reach of a big player.


Years of focus on and dedication to digital and customer experience transformation has given us deep insight into the life sciences industry. We’ve augmented that depth with breadth: the capacity to provide advice on the entire spectrum of your operations, from clinical to medical to commercial. We can execute engagements end to end—from strategy to execution—and deliver at the scale you need.

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DT Consulting takes a stimulating and challenging approach, coupled with in-depth knowledge and a deep understanding of digital excellence. DT is a very high-quality partner that combines strategic thinking with practical implementation in a diverse range of projects.

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