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Let’s start at the beginning

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Every founders journey is unique, and this is even more so at DT. Dennis and Tim founded the company in 2014 having met at University in the Netherlands and worked together at Forrester and GlaxoSmithKline in London.

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Our mission was clear from the beginning and we started with our flagship study the state of Digital Excellence (DX) transformation in 2014; where we benchmarked the top 10 Pharmaceutical companies. With that success in mind we moved to our second bold move; the launch of the industry’s first ranking of Customer Experience through our CXQ® methodology. A period with many highlights and client success in Europe and the United States followed.

DT Associates Acquire

Indegene, a leading services organization in Life Sciences, entered into an agreement to acquire DT Associates. DT Associates operate as a separate entity in the Indegene group and was renamed to DT Consulting. Off the back of the acquisition, we have built a team of expert consultants based out of London, Princeton and Bangalore. We now solve highly complex client challenges from clinical, medical to commercial operations for continued customer experience success, together with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

This is what we do

Digital Transformation

Our clients are confronted with uncertainty in a world of rapidly changing customers, aggressive digital disruption, and a staggering pace of healthcare evolution. In this sea of change, our seasoned team of consultants stands ready to help our clients to act faster and execute better in order to take advantage of business opportunities. We help our clients to accelerate key transformation within the life sciences enterprise through technology.

Customer Experience

As a strategy consulting firm, we drive transformation by building capabilities required to help our clients to thrive in the digital age for continued customer experience success. Engaging with DT Consulting means our clients harness the power of data, capitalize on new technology, transform into intelligent operations, master customer experience design, and build customer-centric, digital talent and culture.

Commercial Strategy

The pharmaceutical market is undergoing an unprecedented reshaping to become an environment where technology has a profound impact on commercial operations. To win—or even survive—in the face of tomorrow’s business challenges, you need to revamp large, siloed, and sometimes outdated capabilities that are a legacy of the sales force era. Partner with our consultants to ensure that your commercial model is fit for the newly emerging digital-first operating environment.

Who we are looking for

As a strategy consulting firm, we use fact-based insights from carefully crafted research, peer networking for executives in digital or related areas, assessments, benchmarks, and bespoke consulting projects to address digital excellence transformation in the pharmaceutical industry. Each project is a unique opportunity for you to help our partners make a difference in the life sciences market. We strongly believe that the best results are achieved when creative minds work together in an open, collaborative, and non-hierarchical environment, so our culture is based upon teamwork, trust, and a spirit of intellectual curiosity.

DT’s Career

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This is what our people think

DT is an incredibly collaborative place to work where you are truly valued. The people are supportive and always leaning in to help and ensure you have the available resources for your project. It’s great working for a company where you can really get to know the people you work with, where you can continuously learn and focus on your development. DT is also on a very exciting path to support pharmaceutical clients to become more digitally savvy, and it’s great being part on this progressive journey.
DT gives you the opportunity to have the variety you get from working on multiple client projects, whilst at the same time allows you to hone your expertise within a specific industry field (Life Sciences) and two interlink disciplines (CX and Digital). As a fast growing Consulting organisation you are given opportunities for personal & professional growth that are harder to come across at larger Consulting firms.
A typical day at DT could include collaboration with clients, creating best in class deliverables, supporting internal practice building activities and sharing or hearing thought leadership with our research team. Throughout the day you are working with your peers and senior leaders to enhance and evolve our thinking as a team, in a relaxed and respectful culture.
At DT, I’m surrounded by a great team and manager with (seemingly) unlimited access to the founders. This was definitely one of the attractions of the role.
It’s also really exciting how quickly DT is growing, especially as I am involved in helping to shape the future of certain products at DT.
I now have more responsibility within projects themselves and much greater client interaction.

Sound interesting?

Your first interview will be with our Director of Talent, Mark Pierce, followed by a Partner or a Director; typically the person who leads the practice or capability that aligns with your experience. We will seek to find out about your career aspirations and motivations for considering opportunities at DT Consulting and will share detail on our key clients and projects. We aim to understand how your experience and capabilities could complement the work that we do.

If we both feel that there is enough common ground, we will invite you to a second stage interview with other members of the team and a case study, depending on the role we are considering you for. This second stage is designed to be a more comprehensive assessment, enabling you to demonstrate the breadth of your experience and contribute your point of view.

At the offer stage, it is our intention to ensure that you have sufficiently explored conversations with our team. It is critical you feel confident you can be successful and develop at DT Consulting, and that you can bring your whole self to support our clients for continued digital, customer experience and commercialization success.

We’re always looking for talented individuals with a passion for life sciences, digital technology, and customer experience management. In addition to having a background in the pharmaceutical industry, consulting, or digital, you should have a passion for solving our clients’ challenges with discipline, creativity, and a natural desire for perfection.

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