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Our solutions leverage assessments and benchmarking data to provide tailored insights into critical aspects of your organization’s digital and customer experience transformation efforts. Use these insights to make the right decisions and get on track to achieve top performance.

Improve Digital Operations & Capabilities

Compare essential characteristics of your digital organization—such as its ambition, road map, resources, structure and responsibilities— against 24 global pharmaceuticals. Plan a series of actions to build an industry-leading team.

Assess your firm’s current state of digital excellence as indicated by the maturity of your digital capabilities. Understand all of the factors accelerating or hindering its adoption by customer-facing teams.
Determine the performance of your digital services and platforms (the “factory”) by setting the size, scope, and resources of the investment. Compare other critical inputs like ambition, structure, and governance against the output.

Deliver Customer Experience Success To Patients And Physicians

Review how well your customer teams’ plans comply with the overall multichannel engagement opportunity against customer preferences, your own strengths, and competitor activity.
Measure how well customers perceive the interactions they have with your company. Make your CXQ® the ultimate KPI on how you benchmark against thousands of Pharma to Physician interactions.
Review the performance of digital initiatives such as websites, emails, tablet details, and campaigns and compare it like for like with the performance of your competitors or against overall best practices.

I’ve worked with the DT team across digital initiatives of all sizes. I find them extremely knowledgeable and passionate about customer experience in the digital space. I think they’re one of the key thinkers in the pharmaceutical industry on this subject.

Global Head, Digital Transformation

Make Data Driven Decisions

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Pharmaceutical firms digital operations and capabilities analysed to generate insights and best practices
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Patient, physician and payer interactions analysed and benchmarked using our proprietary CXQ® methodology

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