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We’re not a general consultancy immersing how life sciences companies can take charge of their digital transformation efforts for continued customer experience success – it is our specialty.

As a strategy consulting firm, we drive transformation by building capabilities required to help life sciences companies thrive in the digital age for continued customer experience success for patients, physicians, and payers. Engaging with DT Consulting means clients will harness the power of data, capitalize on new technology, transform into intelligent operations, master customer experience design, and build customer-centric, digital talent and culture. Our focus on digital and customer experience transformation has made DT Consulting the trusted advisor of many Tier-1 life sciences firms in the US, Europe, and Asia. We have assembled a global team of high-profile consultants selected for their first-hand knowledge and deep experience in strategy and execution gained outside and inside the life sciences industry. 

Digital Transformation Efforts For Customer Experience Success

Meet Our Senior Experts

One Global Team

The consultants at DT Consulting have extensive experience at life sciences head offices and in local markets across the globe. They have the ability to quickly build successful partnerships irrespective of differences in culture and language.

DT Consulting brings deep industry expertise and focus you expect from a strategic consultancy and combines it with Indegene’s recognized strength in building, scaling, and managing digital-first operations for the life sciences industry. With 5,500 employees, 20 offices, and operations in over 10 countries, we can support your organization from strategy to execution throughout the digital transformation life cycle. Working together as a single unified global team enables us to get at the real issues, make practical recommendations, and deliver tangible results.

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What Others Say About Us

The consultants at DT Consulting have successfully developed and led a range of consulting projects with some of the largest and most innovative pharmaceutical companies in the world. Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of our work, we do not publicly disclose the names of our clients. But we can tell you what they say about us:

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"I’ve worked with the DT team across digital initiatives of all sizes. I find them extremely knowledgeable and passionate about customer experience in the digital space. I think they’re one of the key thinkers in the pharmaceutical industry on this subject."
Global Head, Digital Transformation
“DT Consulting was our partner, representing our digital ambitions inside the global organization when they were asked to assist in the elaboration of a global digital platform. Their creativity and hard work have been a great source of inspiration for us.”
Vice President, Commercial Operations Lead Market
“I’ve worked with the DT team across digital initiatives of all sizes. I find them extremely knowledgeable and passionate about customer experience in the digital space. I think they’re one of the key thinkers in the pharmaceutical industry on this subject.”
Vice President, Commercial Operations Global Markets
“DT Consulting is fluent in all aspects of digital—and particularly in how it will transform traditional business processes. Their expertise in customer experience measurement allows companies to develop a complete agenda to shift their commercial approach from brand-centric to one that accommodates customer preferences and insights.”
Senior Digital Director, Emerging Markets
“We have partnered with DT Consulting on a number of strategic projects. They combine deep industry and digital marketing knowledge with experience in both mature and emerging markets, making them an invaluable partner. In particular, their support and guidance have enabled us to truly evolve our global understanding of the importance of search engine optimization and the topics surrounding it to ensure that our customers can find and access the content that our brands have invested much time and money in producing.”
Interim Director, Global Digital Centre of Excellence
“We were fortunate enough to engage with DT Consulting on a series of occasions to help us accelerate our global digital marketing excellence initiatives. I was extremely impressed by their ability to design, build, and implement a series of integrated digital marketing training modules for our global digital capabilities programs. I found their ability to quickly understand the digital marketing needs of our brand teams to be extremely helpful. The DT team works to a very high standard; they have never failed me.”
Senior Director, Global Customer Engagement Capabilities

Our Difference


We’ve been digital transformation leaders in the life sciences ourselves—so we understand the practical effect our advice has on your day-to-day activities. Our experience and focus enable us to offer you simplicity; our solutions make it easier for you to manage complexity. You get access to experts who understand your business and have tackled similar challenges.


Our rigorous research process and proprietary consulting methodologies ensure that you get objective information from an independent source. As part of Indegene, we also have the resources to handle long-term, multisite projects with multiple workstreams. You get the best of both worlds: the agility and personal attention of a specialist firm backed by the resources and reach of a big player.


Years of focus on and dedication to digital and customer experience transformation has given us deep insight into the life sciences industry. We’ve augmented that depth with breadth: the capacity to provide advice on the entire spectrum of your operations, from clinical to medical to commercial. We can execute engagements end to end—from strategy to execution—and deliver at the scale you need.

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