Customer Experience Training

Customer Experience Training


Customer Experience training is relevant to and can be adapted for every employee in your organization. Specifically, Customer Experience Leads, Market Leads, Brand Managers, Sales Reps and Key Account Managers.


Equips teams across the organization with relevant and practical Customer Experience skills and knowledge required to deliver on Customer Experience excellence.

DT’s Customer Experience Training equips your employees with relevant and practical Customer Experience skills and knowledge fundamental to delivering great experiences. The training is a combination of self-serve Customer Experience Fundamentals training videos, webinars and group workshops. Embedding the Customer Experience training within your organization can help drive a collective customer-centric vision, align teams across the business on the key concepts of Customer Experience and foster a continuous learning environment by enabling shared learnings.

The DT Customer Experience Training sits in line with the our CX Maturity Assessment which spans the entirety of the Customer Experience life cycle, from building a case for Customer Experience, designing and enabling Customer Experience through to measuring Customer Experience.


Customer Experience

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Customer Experience Training

Why it’s important

HCP behaviours are evolving with considerable differences in their preferences and expectations. Life sciences companies can therefore, no longer rely on a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to engagement. Organizations need to think about their employees, who are responsible for delivering the actual customer experience and ensure have access to the right tools and latest knowledge to drive change and support the evolving needs of their customers. Investing in developing Customer Experience skills and a collective understanding of the key Customer Experience concepts will enable employees to deliver on evolving customer needs. Customer Experience training can help instil a customer-centric mindset, break silos and promote a learning culture around Customer Experience. In order to deliver an experience that aligns to the customer—not the function—total engagement across all teams is required.

What it provides

  1. Customer Experience Maturity Assessment assesses and identifies the type of Customer Experience training that is right for your organization and designs a tailored approach for your teams.
  2. Customer Experience Upskilling offers a selection of Customer Experience training modules, webinars and workshops that meet the needs of your organization.
  3. Customer Experience Thought Leadership provides pharma-relevant thought leadership and insights that brings Customer Experience real-life examples and data to your organization.
Customer Experience Thought Leadership

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