Welcome to DT’s new European Co-commercialization Partner

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DT Consulting is pleased to welcome Neil Levinson as our new Partner of European Co-Commercialization. Neil joins DT after a distinguished 16-year career in the life sciences, encompassing senior positions at consultancies and healthcare-focused organizations including Kaiser Associates and IQVIA. Most recently, Neil served as a Director at Guidehouse (formerly Navigant), where he specialized in commercial strategy. He is also an honorary lecturer at University College London, where he lectures on clinical drug development.

Neil will be taking over as Partner of European Co-Commercialization, a practice area launched and spearheaded by DT founding managing partner Dennis van Rooij, who will turn his attention to other growth areas of the organization as we move forward with our ambitious expansion plans following the Indegene acquisition in 2019. Dennis will focus on our geographical expansion into the US and Asia Pacific and continue the day-to-day leadership of DT alongside Tim.

For the uninitiated, co-commercialization is a partnership where we own and deliver the entire commercial operation, which only requires periodic oversight with the product sponsor based on a KPI framework, dashboards, and reports. Co-commercialization solutions come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are tailored to the outcomes of extensive brand-level market assessments. These solutions are proving to be highly effective at driving client outcomes by maximizing customer engagement, increasing revenue for mature products, and building more cost-efficient and effective sales and marketing engines for new product launches. Today, as a single global team with Indegene, we manage more than 30 brands throughout the commercialization life cycle.

These and other developments at both DT and Indegene are building toward our long-term goal of establishing the combined firm as a global powerhouse of strategic consulting and execution in the life sciences market. With Indegene’s delivery engine—more than 3,000 employees in 14 offices across 10 regions—behind us, we have been able to assemble a global team with some of the industry’s best and most experienced strategic consulting minds. More and more, clients turn to us for end-to-end support in their commercial excellence initiatives.

Given his exceptional and proven track record, we have complete confidence that Neil will build upon the core fundamentals of experience, excellence, and execution that have distinguished DT since our founding in 2014 and establish DT/Indegene as the go-to house for co-commercialization in Europe.

We look forward to welcoming Neil to the team and leveraging his expertise to help our clients achieve their commercial ambitions.

For an introduction, please feel free to reach out to Neil directly at neil.levinson@dt-consulting.com.

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