Racing to Empower Autism Acceptance

By DT editorial staff

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Marine Corps Marathon, dubbed “The People’s Marathon”, takes place every October. It’s one of the largest marathons in the world and the biggest to eschew prize money, hence its nickname.

This year Erica Frazier, one of DT’s passionate US-based consultants, will be taking part in the race in order to raise money for the Autistic Self Advocacy Network as part of Team ASAN and help foster inclusivity and empowerment for individuals with autism.

It’s a cause close to her heart and one to which she’ll bring the same dedication she displays in her professional life as she races to advocate for autism acceptance and serve as a beacon of hope.

Erica’s connection to the cause runs deep. Inspired by her nephew’s autism diagnosis a few years ago, she is driven by a profound desire for inclusivity and equity. She envisions a world where individuals like her nephew have access to equal rights and opportunities, enabling them to thrive.

Erica has chosen to support ASAN because it’s an organization that’s dedicated to empowering autistic individuals in their journey of self-advocacy for disability rights.

Although Erica’s direct involvement in autism advocacy is just beginning, her participation in the marathon marks a pivotal point in her journey as a non-autistic ally. By aligning herself with ASAN and amplifying their message, Erica wants to pave the way for further meaningful contributions to the autism acceptance movement.

Erica’s initiative coincides with a gradual shift in perspective, begun in the early 2010s, as concepts of autism ‘awareness’ moved to ‘acceptance’. The transition is about more than the words that are used and signifies a crucial evolution, emphasizing the importance of embracing and empowering autistic individuals in all aspects of society.

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