Podcast: Purpose-Driven Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

By DT editorial staff

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Before joining DT, our Senior Director Jeff French led large transformation projects spanning multiple geographies for a number of pharmaceutical companies.

Dealing with the technical implications of such major undertakings created some important lessons for him, and he recently shared those with the Spread Love io podcast.

One such lesson was that creating a common understanding across a pharma company’s leadership – ensuring that this is given the right focus – is absolutely imperative to the success of digital transformation projects.

“The common understanding in a healthcare organization is all about what you can do to create better patient outcomes. The biggest learning I ever had is to always take it back to the people that matter for the organization. And in healthcare, the people that matter are the people that are taking the products,” Jeff said.

“That conversation about what the difference is going to be, in terms of value for the patient, is something I still to this day hold very dear.”

Joining Spread Love’s host Naji Gehchan, Jeff also discussed leadership, emphasizing the power of a united leadership community, and shared his journey from finance to digital transformation roles within pharma.

During that time, he served at companies such as the HIV care specialist ViiV where, as Chief Digital Officer, he focused on building next-generation channels and services that leveraged bold innovation and digital technology. The goal was to deliver exceptional and unifying customer experiences, as well as promote digital health innovation in HIV.

Prior to ViiV, Jeff led the establishment for Biogen of a global digital Centre of Excellence, focused on the commercial business transformation across global markets. His pharmaceutical experience, however, began at Lilly, where he was ultimately accountable for all its commercial digital marketing and technology for Europe.

Listen to the podcast to hear Jeff’s thoughts on purpose-driven innovation and advocating for meaningful impact over opportunistic approaches. You can also learn more about his experiences creating buy-in within organizations, highlighting the role of shared purpose and collaboration for positive outcomes.

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