Global Digital Landscape Benchmark

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Heads of multichannel engagement, customer engagement teams, brand teams, market research & customer insight.


Secondary research to assess the maturity and structural foundations of the global digital landscape.

The Global Digital Landscape Benchmark is a comprehensive tool that allows teams to understand their position compared with competitors and deliver customer-focused experiences. It assesses digital assets at the global and market levels by analyzing the quality of their content strategy, channel experience, and unification. This helps teams to address changing customer behavior and prioritize investments within DX.

Director Data & Innovation,

Digital Transformation

Alicia Gionfriddo

London, United Kingdom

Alicia Gionfriddo crc

Why it’s important

To create a customer-centric global organization, each of a firm’s markets must understand the strengths and weaknesses in its digital landscape and how internal teams can integrate CX into digital assets. The Global Digital Landscape Benchmark puts CX at the forefront of the digital portfolio and optimizes the user experience on key assets. This creates a forward-thinking digital footprint strategy that enables teams to clean and scale their digital assets with data-driven insights. Ultimately, your markets can continuously hone customer-centric digital assets with content that has business impact and improves ROI.

What it provides

  • A Global Digital Landscape Benchmark to investigate the competitiveness of your digital assets across multiple markets and on a global scale
  • A detailed assessment of the maturity of your organization’s digital landscape
  • A benchmark to compare your current position against your peers and identify actions to take
  • A portfolio of best practices to learn from and to help you deploy digital assets
  • Recommendations and key focus areas for elevating digital and prioritizing DX improvements

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