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Ed Neeves

Senior Consultant

London, United Kingdom

Digital Transformation

Ed has four years experience in collaborating with global and local pharmaceutical professionals to maximize the output from digital initiatives in order to redefine customer-centricity strategies. Ed has gained extensive experience working with senior global stakeholders, local marketing managers and agency executives within the pharmaceutical industry. He is passionate in formulating data-driven insights to instigate change, develop capabilities for sustained digital growth and implement best-in class omnichannel approaches.
Prior to joining DT Consulting, Ed was a Senior Digital & Multichannel Specialist at Sanofi UK&IE and before that, a Chief Data Manager in Sanofi Global. In his most recent role, he drove the specialty care business unit’s digital transformation, from a traditional customer engagement method to a purely digital customer footprint. By using growth-hacking techniques, he enhanced the business’ digital capabilities and instilled a data-focused mindset to drive informed decision making and generate true customer-centricity. Ed’s range of expertise includes digital change management, building and implementing tools to automate tasks & improve efficiency, as well as customer engagement mapping.
Ed received a bachelor’s degree (B.A) in Business Management with International Industrial Experience from Exeter University.

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