Digital Organization Assessment

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Heads of clinical, medical and commercial operations and customer engagement teams.


Provides an in-depth benchmark to help build a world-class digital transformation organization.

The Digital Organization Assessment is the data engine behind your efforts to build a world-class digital transformation team. It captures data about your team’s skills, resources, structure, plan, and overall ambition and compares it with your industry peers. We determine and benchmark overall performance by looking at the team’s key deliverables and overall output.

Director Data & Innovation,

Digital Transformation

Alicia Gionfriddo

London, United Kingdom

Alicia Gionfriddo crc

Why it’s important

As a leader of your organization’s digital transformation efforts, you want to know how other firms are tackling this complex task, determine where you stand relative to them, and see if best practices apply to your firm—and you want to build a motivated, skilled team that is empowered by the organization to address this enormous task. But you’re missing the competitive intelligence that shows you how your team is doing in areas like overall ambition, scope, planning, and resources compared with comparable teams in the industry. This is where our Digital Organization Assessment becomes a powerful tool.

What it provides

  • An analysis of how well your transformation team is organized
  • An analysis of your strengths and weaknesses compared with your peers
  • An action plan for becoming a world-class digital organization
  • Data to track team progress and performance over time

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