Digital Factory Assessment

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CIO’s, Heads of IT, Heads of clinical, medical and commercial operations and customer engagement teams.


Looks at the performance of a global business services organization that supports the delivery of digital initiatives and the technology and systems underlying it.

The Digital Factory Assessment examines the relationship between the input required to maintain and deliver a digital service and platform catalogue and the output the team generates in terms of innovation support, the number of digital assets created or in service, and the resulting benefits.

Managing Partner,

Digital Transformation

Dennis van Rooij

London, United Kingdom

Dennis van Rooij crc
Digital Factory Assessment Table

Why it’s important

Your teams are excited about experimenting with the ever-growing number of options to digitally engage with patients, physicians and payers, through the product lifecycle. At the same time, corporate management—especially at large firms—is anxious to keep costs down, comply with standards, and deliver a consistent customer experience. The greater the enthusiasm for digital, the more you need a digital shared services group (the “factory”)—but how do you design such a group without jeopardizing either the excitement or the need for speed and low service costs?

What it provides

  • An analysis of the effectiveness of your digital services and platforms group
  • An analysis of your strengths and weaknesses compared with your peers
  • A set of performance targets against the industry benchmark
  • An action plan to optimize the performance of your digital services and platforms group
  • Robust targets for a digital road map of capabilities and processes
  • Data to track progress over time

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