Digital Excellence (DX) Maturity Assessment

Customer Experience Training


Heads of clinical, medical and commercial operations and customer engagement teams.


Provides a neutral, detailed, but simple benchmark to help improve your organization’s digital capabilities in overall customer engagement.

The Digital Excellence (DX) Maturity Assessment is the starting point of your digital excellence journey. If you are a director of a digital team that is part of your firm’s clinical, medical or commercial operations division, the assessment provides an overview of what digital activities are happening in your area and how proficient they are.

Director Data & Innovation,

Digital Transformation

Alicia Gionfriddo

London, United Kingdom

Alicia Gionfriddo crc
Maturity Assessment

Why it’s important

It’s becoming ever more important for pharmaceutical firms to achieve digital excellence. The more options there are to engage and serve customers digitally, the more you need a strong digital transformation program to give your internal teams the capabilities they need, deliver consistently, and achieve cost savings from a centralized technology stack. However, few pharma companies report strong discipline in all facets of their digital transformation and excellence programs.

What it provides

  • A complete and objective overview of digital activity, including drivers of and barriers to your firm’s digital transformation efforts
  • An in-depth assessment of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses regarding digital transformation, digital capability, and digital knowledge
  • A map of recommended interventions from an organizational readiness perspective
  • A benchmark against your industry peers that will help you draft a course to achieve parity and then leadership in industry best practices
  • Robust targets for a digital road map of capabilities and processes
  • A diagnostic to monitor progress over time


The Digital Excellence Maturity Assessment delivery is personalized to your needs, providing the insights that will help you to make the right decisions to transform your organization. The methodology can be supplemented with stakeholder interviews and best practices analysis of your current capabilities. Engage with DT Consulting team of DX experts and to turn digital into an engine of growth.


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