Customer Experience Maturity Assessment

Customer Experience Training


Heads of clinical, medical, and commercial operations and customer engagement teams.


Provide an objective framework to assess your organization’s customer experience (CX) efforts and inform its CX transformation plans.

The Customer Experience Maturity Assessment is a comprehensive tool to understand the adoption of CX capabilities and best practices within your organization. It provides an overview of the current maturity throughout the entire customer experience life cycle, identifies gaps and opportunities, and allows leaders to focus on key areas of improvement and tailor their transformation plans.

Director Data & Innovation,

Digital Transformation

Alicia Gionfriddo

London, United Kingdom

Alicia Gionfriddo crc
CX - Maturnity Assessment

Why it’s important

Designing best-in-class customer experiences is at the heart of what commercial teams in the pharmaceutical industry do. In recent years, life science companies have started to shift their focus toward the customer and invested in developing the CX skills needed to keep up with customer expectations. To create a customer-centric culture, firms must understand whether internal teams have the capabilities they need and if CX has been well-integrated into the organization’s ways of working.

What it provides

  • A complete and objective overview of maturity throughout the CX life cycle
  • A detailed assessment of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses in CX capabilities
  • Identification of roadblocks and accelerators for CX transformation within the organization
  • Recommendations and key focus areas for upcoming transformation plans
  • A tracking tool to measure and monitor progress over time
The Customer Experience Maturity Assessment - What it Provides

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