Customer Engagement Plan Review

Customer Experience Training


Heads of patient, physician and payer engagements.


Objectively evaluates the impact of your overall customer strategy through the CXQ® lens.

The Customer Engagement Plan Review is an effective starting point to understand how well a customer-facing team uses the available digital capabilities to capture the Customer Experience Quotient® (CXQ®) opportunity in the marketplace. This review looks at specific customer programs, tactics, and how the team executes the plan to identify where existing ways of working either facilitate or hinder digital opportunities.


Customer Experience

Hannah Price

London, United Kingdom

Hannah Price crc
The Customer Engagement Plan Review

Why it’s important

Your teams’ customer engagement plans are where the digital capability rubber meets the road. They’re the points where the robust, thoughtful planning cycles related to clinical, medical or commercial teams’ strategy rely on your firm’s digital services and platforms. But how well do these teams maximize the opportunity presented by available digital technologies? Is digital fully integrated into an omnichannel context of customer preferences and desired experiences?

What it provides

  • An understanding of the strength of your customer engagement strategy in the context of its omnichannel opportunities
  • Identification of budget shifts aligned to the customer opportunity through the CXQ® lens
  • Identification of improvements to day-to-day operations that support the creation and execution of digital/omnichannel activities and assets
  • A benchmark of the effectiveness of your clinical, medical and commercial operations and excellence frameworks for customer engagement against those of your industry peers

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