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Christophe Jauquet

Senior Consultant

Ghent, Belgium

Customer Experience

Christophe has been working in the pharmaceutical and biotech sector for more than 20 years. He has built up his expertise at the intersection of marketing, technology and customer-centricity. Christophe is a health experience expert who supports businesses in their efforts to create value by meeting the rising expectations and changing life aspirations of their customers: patients, health consumers, and HCPs.

Prior to joining DT Consulting, Christophe worked as the mHealth Expert with whom pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy associations, health insurers and healthcare institutions wanted to work. Ever since, he has helped a wide range of clients with digital and client-driven strategies. He also works as a global speaker and Health Experience consultant for companies from consumer and healthcare sectors. He sits on various advisory boards, internal innovation boards and health-oriented venture funds.

His book, Healthusiasm – making customers healthy & happy, explains how companies and brands can make their customers healthy & happy by designing better products, services and experiences.

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