Strategic Plan

Use CX Insights to Boost Multichannel Success for European GPs

Client challenge

A large global pharmaceutical firm wanted to design effective multichannel CX for European GPs but wasn’t sure what to prioritize or what best-in-class looked like.

Client Experiences

Our approach to the client challenge:

The firm wanted to understand the influence of CX on European GPs so it could differentiate customer journeys via relevant, simple, trusted content and interactions. DT Consulting used its proprietary CXQ® metric to deploy and run the CX measurement program. The CX vision rested on the understanding that GP journeys require unique experiences to better align customer needs and business goals. The strategic plan focused on support at the global and market levels, providing context and best practices from pharma and adjacent sectors that provide effective multichannel CX strategies.

Client impact:

DT helped the firm create a model that allowed its European teams to understand the CX effectiveness of the touchpoints they used and suggested ways to improve multichannel capabilities.

Our Difference

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We’ve been digital transformation leaders in the life sciences ourselves—so we understand the practical effect our advice has on your day-to-day activities. Our experience and focus enable us to offer you simplicity; our solutions make it easier for you to manage complexity. You get access to experts who understand your business and have tackled similar challenges.


Our rigorous research process and proprietary consulting methodologies ensure that you get objective information from an independent source. As part of Indegene, we also have the resources to handle long-term, multisite projects with multiple workstreams. You get the best of both worlds: the agility and personal attention of a specialist firm backed by the resources and reach of a big player.


Years of focus on and dedication to digital and customer experience transformation has given us deep insight into the life sciences industry. We’ve augmented that depth with breadth: the capacity to provide advice on the entire spectrum of your operations, from clinical to medical to commercial. We can execute engagements end to end—from strategy to execution—and deliver at the scale you need.

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