Case Study

Understanding patient expectations to improve multi-Channel CX

A client challenge

A large, global pharmaceutical company wanted to understand what patient organizations (POs) in EUCAN consider important when partnering with pharmaceutical companies but were unsure about patient expectations, and how to improve and understand their relative multi-channel CX performance.

Our approach to the client challenge

DT Consulting undertook a 3-month engagement where the approach was defined on three key elements: understanding PO expectations, measuring their perceptions and deriving a digital strategy to improve the customer experience between POs and pharma companies. The four CX perceptions were based on reputation, patient life improvement, patient experience and partnership expectation. DT Consulting created a customer experience benchmark assessment to capture how the cross-channel customer experience was integrated within PO perceptions. How connected and simple is this journey? This strategic plan was focused on support at both the market and therapy level.

Client impact

The outcome was centred on understanding where to focus the multi-channel CX improvements based on what patients need alongside the creation of a toolkit to work towards this.

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